The Fire

The Fire

Continued from The Spark.

Our wedding night was about as perfect as two young, sheltered virgins could have asked for. We had been waiting for what felt like eternity because at the time, we though that eternity – heaven or hell – was on the line. It wasn’t for a lack of passion. I’ll never forget the first time I felt her incredible pillowy chest through her bra, or the time she slid my hands down her low back to her ass and said it was mine. After we exchanged our vows and rings, all bets were off. We faced the mirror in the bathroom of our resort suite and watched as we slid each other’s clothes off. We explored each other in the oversized tub. We fucked each other, fell asleep and then fucked again in the middle of the night. We had a tired-from-all-the-sex breakfast on the balcony. It was everything we had waited for.

I had waited for her to cuck me almost as long. While we were celebrating our first wedding anniversary, the “depraved” thoughts were racing through my mind. Our intimacy was already on the rocks and I was desperate to have a sexual wife, with or without me. Even an affair would have been more than nothing. While I was clearly far from a healthy and sustainable understanding of cuckold relationships, that season of secret, sinful fantasies was my starting point. Now, eight years and many seasons later, that woman I had dreamed of was standing in front of me. She had not merely accepted my desires; she wanted the man that would be inside her that evening as badly as he wanted Her.

I wanted this night to be perfect. While expectations are best left in check, there was still no denying the significance of the evening. “It’s just another date,” Bunni reassured herself as her nerves started to set in. I was stressed, feeling exhausted already due to little sleep, and didn’t want a single second that lay ahead to be numbed, let alone be too tired to appreciate my wife’s return. Thankfully the sheer eroticism of our impending cuckolding completely overpowered everything else. All day my body strained with anticipation, nerves and lust. I bought strawberries and champagne for our reconnection at the end of the day and for the lovers, a bottle of wine. The small act of selecting that bottle gave me that sinking feeling that cucks crave so much. When I returned home and found her lingerie and clothing options set aside in our closet, it hit again as I saw what he would be enjoying. She told me to be sure her lacy black panties were included in the laundry that afternoon. Washing my wife’s clothes for her bull to take off later instantly became a favorite chore.

As she finished readying herself in our bathroom, Bunni’s nerves faded and gave way to sheer enthusiasm as she put herself together for him. I enjoy watching the last few steps of her preparation, when her hair is curled and makeup is finished but her body is still naked. I knelt down and helped her into her panties, sliding them up her legs for her bull to pull down later. As she strapped on her lacy black bra and lifted her breasts into place, I felt like I was observing a moment in that hotel room, rewinded. Layer by layer – thong panties, straining bra, skin-tight bottoms, black blouse unbuttoned all the way down, dainty gold jewelry, strappy wedge shoes – she modeled every piece that would make his cock hard for her. It all helped me imagine what the reverse might look like, when Bunni and her lover finally pulled back from their kissing, ready to undress each other face to face.

I knelt again to zip up her shoes and she was ready to leave. My nerves had reached their peak. We sat on the edge of our bed, took each other in for a moment and commemorated with a selfie. It was my wife, with her smokey, warm eyes, bright smile, cascading coppery curled hair and tempting cleavage, and just me. She was stunning. Then, quickly as we had snapped the picture, I was walking her out to our car. We shared a final hug, kiss and reassurance before she drove away. Curiously, as soon as I went back inside and shut the door, my anxiety melted away. I felt like I was exactly where I belonged, ready to do my part so she could enjoy hers. I couldn’t wait to discover how her evening went and she is the best-qualified to tell that story.

As I drove away from our house, my body was suddenly flooded with nerves again…that tingling ache that radiates down your arms and back and puts a pit in your stomach. It was finally hitting me that I was about to do what we’d been talking about for months. This would be the second man to have my body in its entirety. Thoughts raced in my mind as I drove, so much I hardly even remember the commute. “What will he be wearing? Will he kiss me right away? Will we dive right in or take time to relax with our wine first? Will the room be lit or dark? I did my best to keep my mind open and not set expectations for how the night would play out.

He had already checked into the room earlier in the day so when I pulled in, he arrived at the exact same time. We walked in together and as I passed the front desk two thoughts entered my mind: “They know. They absolutely know why I’m here, dressed up and walking in with a sexy black gentleman” and also, “They have no fucking clue what’s about to go down. This is so hot”. We turned down the hallway and my nerves set in again. We walked down the corridor for what felt like a mile. He unlocked the door and led me into the simple and modern room, cool and quiet. I stared at the freshly made bed, knowing it wouldn’t look like that for long. We set our things down, he turned to me, cupped my face in his hands and gave me a slow, passionate kiss. My body trembled underneath him and I tried to catch my breath.

He pulled back and asked me if I was nervous to which I answered honestly, “Yes.” He asked me why and I said, “Because you are the first man I will be with besides my husband.” His sweet response poured from his mouth like fresh honey. He brought me peace, put my heart at ease, and I knew this was why I chose him tonight. Realizing our room was not stocked with fresh glasses (per COVID standards), he briefly left to find some. I suddenly became very aware that I had a bit of dry skin on my lower lip. I began fidgeting and became hyper-focused on it, nervous that he would notice. Of all things to be focused on, that was my biggest concern. He returned to the room, opened the wine and poured it into our paper coffee to-go cups, which were all that the hotel could offer. 

We lay down across the bed, still fully clothed, as we sipped our wine and shared in light conversation. I can’t even remember what it was about because I was still so nervous. My low-cut blouse revealed my cleavage and he reached across and lightly traced my neckline with his fingertip. After talking and laughing together for a few more minutes, we stood up, kissed and undressed each other. He pulled my tight pants down; I giggled that he’d have to peel them off. He gently pushed me backwards and onto the bed. He crawled his body over me, ran his hands up my arms and pinned my wrists to the bed above my head. He kissed me deeply with the weight of his whole body and I knew in that moment that this was exactly what I had been waiting for.

The rest of the evening is a blur. Our bodies were tangled up. Our breathing, labored. Our hearts pounded. I couldn’t help but close my eyes in disbelief of what was happening. I felt like I was in a dream. Our pace rose and fell as he showed me what I truly deserved. He took his time to learn my every curve, and what makes me tick.“This is what you wanted, right?” He pressed with all his weight and the tip of his dick hit the deepest part of my body. For the very first time, I experienced a glorious pain that I have now come to crave. Our eyes locked and the only thing I could let out of my mouth was a pleading gasp.

We kept on, taking breaks when needed and exploring each others bodies with our lips. Though when things picked up again I found myself lost in my thoughts and at a standstill in pleasure. My body’s sensitivity was at its max and I feared I would have trouble reaching a climax. He must have picked up on this because before I knew it, his fingers slid inside me and he began massaging and thrusting with his hand. It felt incredible. Through my panting I brought my eyes up to his and with a very stoic face he said “You’re going to cum now, okay?” I replied, “Okay.” And within seconds, my body gave in to his command and I experienced my first squirting orgasm, a plateau of ultimate pleasure. I was so stunned, not only that he made me cum on command, but that he knew my body so well that he was confident in what he was about to do. All I could do was laugh out of sheer joy and disbelief. “Wow…wow”.

Our time came to an end after he made sure I was fully pleased. His orgasm was like one I had never experienced before; thrusting, growling and clutching to my body harder than ever. I instantly became addicted. I had never felt more confident, beautiful, sexy, well-loved, desired and vulnerable in my entire life. It was as we were settling into the covers for pillow talk that I realized this man had just orchestrated this entire experience from start to finish, our bodies the instruments playing a melody only him and I would ever hear. No matter who I end up meeting in this lifestyle, that song is unique to us and one I very much look forward to playing again.

Walking back down that same long hall I felt like a new woman; a true hotwife, thinking about my husband and how he will love all the naughty things I did.

While the experience she just shared was happening, I sat in tension in our bedroom, not knowing what my wife was doing (or what was being done to her) at any given moment. My imagination raced to fill in answers to all the questions I had. A few hours in, her bull texted me a clue. My heart skipped when I saw my wife’s face in the preview. I opened my phone and immediately his point of view began to play. Bunni lay between his legs on the bed, lavishing his thick black dick with tender licks, kissing and sucking, all while looking right into the camera. She looked happier than ever. Then his voice instructed her to say hello to me. My wife took his cock out of her mouth just long enough to greet me. “Hi baby.” That twenty-second video turned into twenty minutes of bliss, alone in our bed. I was just attempting to refocus elsewhere for fear of getting too close when he texted me again. He was buried deep in her pussy, then the camera panned to her face – that look of glorious pain that I didn’t recognize. The video played, her breasts flailed as he filled her more forcefully and her groans begged for relief and pleaded for more all at once. It was only a tiny sliver of what she was experiencing in that room without me but it was all I had in that moment and I was hooked.

Bunni’s text that she was returning home sounded short. I worried, wondering how was she feeling now that it was all over? I was taken aback when she called me and the first words exchanged were about…food. She was starving. It was only after we talked about taco salad that she reassured me, she was more than fine. She was overjoyed. I heaved a sigh of relief. We did it. She did it. I couldn’t wait for her to get home. I was desperate for more answers. Seconds after I heard our front door open, Bunni was peeking into our bedroom through the cracked door. Our eyes met and we couldn’t help but smile. I still didn’t know any details but all I needed to do was look at her: she was beaming. Neither of us had words; instead we embraced each other and kissed. Then she gently pushed me to sit on the edge of the bed and knelt down to take me in her hand. “You’re so little compared to him, honey. So tiny!” Having just spent two hours with her bull’s huge black cock, she exclaimed at the contrast of my little pink Tiny in her fist.

I was transfixed as Bunni held me in her hand, looked into my eyes and told me every detail she could remember. She couldn’t hold back any longer about how he made her squirt, three times, a revelation that left me stunned. I learned about the glorious pain of his huge dick, hurting new places inside her pussy in the best way. She described how safe she felt with him when he pinned her to the bed and loved him treating her so differently than me. She wanted his strong hands over her mouth, on her throat and in her hair as moved her body seamlessly from one position to the next. She took as much of his cock into her mouth as possible, and then gagged on a little more. It all contrasted starkly to the sex that we have. She felt me straining to be inside her and grinned at how much her escapades were stoking my desire. I climbed on top, easily slipped inside and thrust gently; it was all that I could manage. Her loose, dripping wet sex was perfect for my sensitivity and my Tiny, perfect for her post-fuck tenderness. I still didn’t last. My face buried into her shoulder while she whispered in my ear how roughly he fucked her, like I never had before, and how animalistic his orgasm was. My wife pleaded, “Cum in my sloppy pussy, baby,” and all of the day’s tension and lust released from me. I felt a flood loose into her with a force that shocked me; my climax had never lingered for so long. My body fell paralyzed with pleasure and we collapsed together on our bed.

Our first cuckolding was more than we ever expected. I had taken her bull’s text the night before with a grain of salt, as much as I wanted it to be true. It came across hyperbolic but in the end he made it come true. He did fuck my wife better than I ever had before and her pussy was forever changed. She experienced a sexual potential she never knew existed and discovered an appetite that I would never be able to satiate. In the afterglow of our reconnection, we basked in the significance of the moment. The paradigm-shifting pleasure we had both just experienced felt like our wedding night all over again. It was everything we had waited for and it was just about as perfect.

– Jack & Bunni

Continued in The Embers.

Cover photo by Chirag Nayak on Unsplash.

6 thoughts on “The Fire

  1. How beautiful!
    What a wonderful experience.
    It is a great luck that you have found such an experienced bull.
    Your wife and her Bull really did everything right.
    Wait until they go on vacation together for a week.
    There are still many ways to increase these feelings.


  2. Absolutely perfect! So glad you both had such a wonderful experience! I can’t wait to read more as your journey continues. Thank you so much for taking us along!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Your writing on the care you took in preparing Bunni for her date brought back wonderful memories for me. My ex-Wife and I had this ritual where I would bath her and massage lotion on her body in preparation for a date; then this was followed by my helping her dress, and always ended with my putting her shoes on her feet, then kissing her feet and telling her I loved her as she walked off to see her lover. When we got into this lifestyle my Wife became my Queen and she occupied my every sexual thought. I miss those times terribly 😔

    Liked by 2 people

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