Her Tiny

Her Tiny

Occasionally I will refer to “my tiny” in my posts. It presents somewhat of a conundrum for me because, as written, it looks like a typo. However, that is not the case because in this context, “tiny” is a proper noun. I’ve tried capitalizing but it just looked too…big. Thus, to clear up any confusion, I can now link to this post whenever I use the name that my wife gave to my penis.

Over the fire on a brisk February evening, I asked her for a name. Mere weeks into cuckolding, we were still establishing much of our new relationship. I had seen other women more or less affectionately refer to their men’s members by all sorts of titles and I wanted to establish that lexicon for our lifestyle as well. Small penis humiliation had already become a cornerstone of our new sex life and a special name would spice that up even more. I handed her a decent list of ideas that I had seen over the years: pee-pee, dicklette, babydick, shrimpy, boy clit, and so on. Bunni perused my phone for a moment and paused to think. Then, she assigned me a name of her very own. “Tiny,” she said, raising her eyes to meet mine. “It’s my tiny.” It was not just a name but one that she chose in her authentic voice. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

We don’t use other names anymore. Perhaps “penis” if we’re speaking in clinical terms but my wife no longer refers to mine as a dick or a cock as she does with her other partners. While hearing it always hits me with erotic effect that bedroom dirty talk aims for, it is not merely limited to our sexual encounters. Thanks to Bunni, it has become a part of my identity 24/7. Every time she refers to me as such, it reminds me of my role in our marriage. It reinforces her need for other sexual partners that can fill her pussy and her mouth as I will never be able to do. It warmly reminds me of her deep affection for me and how I, in body and mind, am so well-suited for the cuckold relationship that we have.

Although I have sometimes wished to be even smaller, I am glad that I don’t have a big penis. My tiny not only perfectly complements my sexual desires for humiliation, denial and cuckolding, it provides the perfect fit for our sexual dynamic together. Most significantly, even if Bunni is sore from being filled, pounded and stretched by a big dick, my size is nonthreatening enough that she can still choose to let me inside and share intercourse together without discomfort. If she is particularly stretched and wet, she may not feel me much at all. I fit perfectly into her whole hand; just one fist provides me a full range of sensation, making handjobs an easy and ideal form of sex for us. My smallness is perfect for teasing and toying with. It cutely nestles into a pair of hipster panties as if they were made one for the other and fills a small chastity cage snugly.

My tiny is not just a cherished name from my wife. It is a significant part of my identity as her cuckold and as a sexual person. Words, especially names, carry deep meaning for me. While shedding our old vernacular – dick, cock, penis – lovingly acknowledges my sexual inadequacies, gracing me with a new name affirms all the ways in which I contribute to our marriage, relationally, affectionately and sexually. I love looking down at my tiny, appreciating just how small it is compared to the men that my wife enjoys, and I never tire of hearing her exclamations after returning home from someone else’s embrace. That is why I wear my title of tiny with gratitude and pride. It’s the identity that has been inside all along, waiting to be accepted and now is finally realized. I am the fortunate one to have been so named and claimed by my wife.

– Jack

Cover photo by Tania Malréchauffé on Unsplash.

6 thoughts on “Her Tiny

  1. I can really relate to your enthusiasm.
    My little one is not allowed to fuck my wife for 21 years now.
    I may only be fucked, while my goddess is looking for great gentlemen for it.


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