Bunni’s Birthday Sex

Bunni’s Birthday Sex

Bunni & Wes in his hotel.

Sometimes a scenario falls into place unexpectedly that you couldn’t have planned for. It’s only after you look back that you realize how serendipitous the events actually were. Despite this month being Bunni’s first birthday as a hotwife, we didn’t have any hotwife shit lined up to celebrate. In fact, it had been about five weeks since she had been fucked by anyone but me and was beyond hungry to be filled by a lover. Having spent some time away, my wife logged back in to Tinder and started sorting through the thousands of messages that had accumulated. At the end of it all, she met Wes.

Wes is not “in the lifestyle” (at least not when they met), just a very respectful and sexy gentleman that was open-minded to our dynamic. Bunni developed instant chemistry with him. After chatting extensively for a day or two, they decided to meet. The date just so happened to be the evening before her birthday. As I watched her slip her bra and panties on, refine her makeup and dress up to go out, the cuckold feelings flooded my body again. Since it had been a while, they felt refreshingly vibrant although being familiar. However, my expectations were tempered. She told Wes that she doesn’t play on the first date and he understood. I was prepared for a low-key evening and excited to hear all about him when she got home.

I kissed Bunni goodbye at 7:00PM, put the kids down for bed and settled into our room to relax. Expecting that she would be gone for a handful of hours at most, I decided to dust off my PS4 for some mindless entertainment. There’s nothing like those first one or two hours of anticipation when your wife is out on a first date. While I was mostly focused on my game, in the back of my mind I was thinking about Bunni and waiting for a text to come in. At 9:30PM, it came. “Wow. He’s perfect.” My head swelled with a mixture of relief and excitement. Then, not uncommon with my wife, a surprise: “I wasn’t planning on doing anything tonight but I kinda want to go to his place…” Was I getting cucked tonight?

The beauty in making your own rules is that you can break them just as easily. Bunni’s chemistry with Wes was so strong at the table that she had to have him that night in his bed. Despite his insistence that they could say their goodbyes, she was adamant that she wanted him inside of her. “Going to his place,” she informed me. It was happening. I told her that I loved her and sent her a picture of my cage. She had locked it on me that morning and now it was tight as I swelled through the bars. There’s something incredibly sexy about a woman who decides to take what she’s lusting for.

The night had taken a turn. I reveled in the excitement. All of our activities thus far in the lifestyle had been planned out; this spontaneity was outside the norm for my wife and, as I would later learn, him as well. My phone went quiet for the next few hours. The clock struck 10, 11 and then midnight. It was officially her birthday. I sent her a happy birthday text but received no response back. A few minutes later I would find out why. As I hadn’t heard from her in a few hours and it was now the next day, I debated whether to call her before finally deciding too. Although I could see her location on my phone, I wanted to be sure that she was alright. Based on her later account, Wes’ cock was buried deep in her pussy when her phone rang. He handed it to her to answer and moved between her legs while she said hello to me. She was doing just fine, ringing in the first few minutes of her special day with hotwife sex.

She returned home after 1:00AM, exhausted from her long date and smiling from being well-loved and fucked. She was so charmed by him, explaining what a gentleman he was and how he doted upon her. I listened from our bed while she shared. Since she hadn’t prepared to play, the first thing they did was shower before moving to his bed. She moved to our bed and surprised me with some photos and video he had taken – something I was not expecting at all – and I grew hard while she recounted her birthday sex. Then Bunni spread her legs and welcomed me inside. We spoke quietly as I plunged into her. When she whispered “Give me what’s mine,” I exploded. Then, around 2:00AM, we collapsed.


Wes was in town on business and leaving the following morning. They had connected at the tail end of his trip and the timing had worked out perfectly for them to meet. He had a late check-out at 2:00PM. Still beaming from their date the night before, she needed more of him. “I want to see him again,” she said. This was her special day; she didn’t have to ask me twice. Despite being tired, my wife readied herself for a second date and left around lunchtime. When she arrived at his hotel, he greeted her with flowers and a few small gifts. She was beyond tickled. They fucked in his room again until it was time to leave and then went out for a late lunch while I picked up the house in anticipation for the evening.

When my wife arrived home, she happily showed me the gifts that Wes got her and told me about her time. I gave her a gift of my own. We baked her favorite cake (pineapple upside-down) and the kids and I sang to her in bed. By all accounts it was standard birthday fare, except this year it started with a bang.

– Jack

4 thoughts on “Bunni’s Birthday Sex

  1. Another wonderful entry! I’m glad to read that you are both still enjoying the lifestyle and Bunni got to have a unique, surprising, and enjoyable birthday. Happy birthday Bunni!

    I noticed on Twitter that it seems you might have had more experiences in the lifestyle than you have written up here (https://twitter.com/HerJackalope/status/1436142130053857296?s=20). Do you ever think you will ever write up about those experiences here too? Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, and you’re right! The gaping hole in the blog right now is our anniversary trip. We got to do some fun and naughty things and I have every intention to write about them still! I wanted the blog posts to release in chronological order but I’ll figure out a way that makes sense. Stay tuned!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. So glad to hear that Bunni had such a wonderful Birthday surprise! Her happiness and pleasure are what counts.

    Can’t wait to hear about your anniversary trip and thanks so much for sharing your adventures and lifestyle!

    Liked by 1 person

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